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The Rain Mountain
2011 Serenity Litter

You simply have to admire a guy who can fit two tennis balls in his mouth at the same time.  Raferty is the King of the Chinook Toy Parade.

Raferty was a very pleasant house guest for the two weeks he stayed at the Rain Mountain Slug Ranch while his future sons and daughters were being conceived.

Though Salishan was born with a black mask, it faded out so she now has palomino markings.

Yes, she did dig that hole herself and in barely any time.  Northern breeds like Chinooks do dig, though not as much as Terriers.

Finally, after a few mis steps and missed conceptions, I'm very happy to announce that a joint Rain Mountain and Frontier Chinooks litter is here, arriving June 10th of 2011.  Salishan has taken to motherhood as if she's been through it a million times.  Five boys and two girls will now be buying her Mother's Day cards.

Click on any of the photos below to go to the Serenity Litter Photo Pages and follow them this summer as they grow.

History of This Litter

Susan Fletcher and I have been good friends going back to the dark days of the 1980s when we had the only two Chinooks in the Northwest (probably on the West Coast in fact) in my Northdown Skykomish and Hurricane Cheechako, and her Winterset Arielle Cavorts. For years we traveled together to dog shows in California or Michigan (our version of "local" shows in the 1990s) and bred multiple generations of Chinooks together as well. Though we each have our own unique bloodlines, we've also blended our bloodlines, along with those of WoodsRunner Chinooks of Maine, producing some of the Northwest's finest Chinooks.  Starting with the breeding of North Wind Kiska and Mystic Sahalee Rain, Susan kept their daughter Quinnie and I had Thunder, plus his sister Misha lived near me with a friend. We traded pups back and forth and even came up with a unique naming for these shared dogs and bloodlines: if a pup was born at her house it was a "Frontier Rain Dancer" and when born at my house it would be a "Mountain Rain Dancer."  The "Dancer" was in honor of Quinn's baby name of Dancer; she was the first Mountain Rain Dancer Quinault. Later we had Frontier Rain Dancer Klickitat and Frontier Rain Dancer McKenzie.

This year's litter comes about with the assistance of Debbie Premus, who sent Boreayl's Salishan of Rain out West in 2007. Salishan is an outcross when compared to the Rain Mountain and Frontier bloodlines, so she is the perfect match for Susan's handsome boy, Frontier Brick Raferty. Raferty is the son of BrownStone Rodion of Frontier, a handsome Chinook stud who was sadly killed in his prime when Pam and Tim Wilmot's house burned down in the fall of 2009. Raferty and his brother Frontier Rockin' Robin (who is now living with Bob and Connie Jones of WoodsRunner Chinooks in Maine) carry on his name. 

Salishan is the daughter of Debbie's Boreayl's Summer Sunshine, and granddaughter of the great Thunder Paws Taz of Boreayl. Sunshine's dam, Mystx Crystal Rose, comes down from a seldom used bloodline (Good News Coco) and a 1992 National Specialty winner (Winterset Celina Swift) known as a steady sled dog and weight puller. Salishan's sire, Cloudburst Wonalancet Quest, is a substantial dog with traditional type who, when bred to Sunshine, ensured that she got his genes for a strong chest and muscular rear as well as those from Sunshine.

Litter Name & Baby Names

Enough of the technical stuff though.  The theme for this litter comes from the fact that I always wanted to name a puppy Malcolm. I'm not too sure why other than I knew a nice guy in my college dorm named Malcolm and I thought it was a cool name.  I love the series Firefly and subsequent movie Serenity.  They have been replaying the series on the Science Channel lately and discussing how the science behind the stories is actually pretty valid.  Plus it's about Wild West Cowboys in Space.  If Washington State isn't "West" I don't know what is.  And we do space too: Boeing is just down the road about 25 miles south of here.  (My father was a Boeing engineer for nearly 40 years who spent part of his career working on NASA projects.)   

There is no rhyme or reason to the litter name; it functions solely so that I can keep track of pups.  I think this is the 16th or 17th Rain Mountain litter.  After the first half dozen, I needed a way to refer to "that big buff girl from the winter 1996 litter."  So the litter gets a name and pups get baby names; sometimes they stick with the dog and other times they go by the wayside when the new owners take their pup home.  Thunder stayed Thunder and Harry stayed Harry but Big Dan became Taga.  Some breeders call them by number or collar color but I have fun coming up with silly names.

So say hello to the girls River and Kaylee, and the boys, Malcolm, Jayne Cobb, Simon, Wash, and Shepherd. Hopefully you'll enjoy seeing them grow over the course of this summer.  

Copyright  Ginger Corley, Rain Mountain Chinooks, 1988 to present.  No material may be reproduced without permission, though permission is usually granted.  Logo by Susan Fletcher, Frontier Chinooks, used here with permission and much appreciation of her great talent.