Rain Mountain Dual Titled Dogs

Of all the accomplishments over all the years I’ve been breeding (now topping twenty years and heading for more), I think I am the most proud of the dogs I’ve bred and co bred that have gone on to earn dual titles. In UKC this is often known as being a “Total Dog” if they win a performance event and Best of Breed at the same show. Regardless, when a dog can earn the title of Champion or Grand Champion, it’s a testament to the fact that it has the structure and type that a Chinook should have. A truly poor specimen cannot earn these conformation titles.

Then, when the same dog can go on to earn a performance title, I am over the moon. Many of them have earned Weight Pull titles, an appropriate competition venue for our breed. It both demonstrates and reinforces their hereditary instinct to pull. Sometimes pulling more than ten times their body weight (depending on the surface), they are exactly what a Chinook should be and what we hope is passed on to future generations.

Others may earn obedience titles, again showing the Chinook instinct to be biddable and trainable, something that Arthur Walden specifically strived for when he introduced German and Belgian Shepherd to his original mix. The skills a dog must learn to earn a CD or CDX title are not easy. It takes a lot of patience and attention from both the dog and the handler. People have also shown the Chinook to be a good fit for agility competition. These trials demonstrate the Chinook’s ability to work independently since they are not attached via a leash to their handler when they are going over and through the agility obstacles.

In other words, there are many ways in which a Chinook can show its capabilities as a sled dog. It's not just confined to being part of a ten-dog team pulling a sled for 50 miles each weekend. There are many nuances to the skills a sled dog needs and they can be brought out in a variety of dog sports.

The other thing that is nice about the following list is that I’ve made some wonderful friends. These dogs carry titles that I am not responsible for in most cases. Most of them have titles that were earned when others handled them. I’ve made some great human friends among the people on this list. Last I checked Rain Mountain had bred more dual titled Chinooks than any other breeder. Until someone tells me otherwise, I’m going to hold onto the bragging rights for that.

UWP Grand Ch. PR Rain Mountain Tonasket Thunder CGC HCT - Thunder was a dream to work with. He was strong so anything that involved strength was a piece of cake for him.

UWP Grand Ch. PR Mountain Rain Dancer Quinault CGC FDX – (co owned with Susan Fletcher) Susan was competing in weight pulls with Quinn at the same time that Quinn was also competing in Flyball, the first and only Chinook so far to do so.

UCD Grand Ch. PR Rain Mountain Rangeley Runner TT – (co owned by Connie Jones and Penthea Burns) Rangeley was a gorgeous pup that went back to Maine as a stud fee payment for a previous litter. Bob and Connie Jones were full of dogs already so Rangeley went to live with their then-neighbors Jessica Maurer and Penthea Burns. She quickly finished her conformation championship and Jess took on the challenge of training her for obedience competition. With Rangeley having the stubborn streak of her dam, Holly, it was a definite challenge but Jess finally convinced Rangeley that it would be fun and she managed to complete the required three legs.

UCDX UWP Ch. PR Rain Mountain Bannack CGC NAP HIC -- (owned and handled by Corine Lindhorst, High Plains Chinooks) If ever there was a successful pairing of dog and human it was Bannack and Corine. He was obviously smart, right from the start and Corine put in many hours training and practicing.

UWP Ch. PR Springcreek Storm Runner (Mocha) -- (co bred with Pam Chambers, Springcreek Chinooks) If there is one thing that Mocha is good at, it’s pulling. In fact, she’s a maniac to pull especially if it’s Pam asking her. Of course with her pedigree, how could she act any other way? With Thunder as her father and WoodsRunner Brandy (from the very successful WoodsRunner line of recreational and racing Chinooks) as her mom, she inherited a lot of genes for the drive to pull. Watching her in actions at a weight pull or on a sled team is amazing.

UWP Grand Ch. PR Rain Mountain Kutaan Taaku CGC HIC – Okay, let’s face it. Taaku is known as the Prom Queen who doesn’t like to get her paws wet or her fur ruffled. But one day I was caught by surprise. I’d thought that Taaku needed one more leg for her UWP weight pull title but when I got the mail, there was the certificate. I was so shocked I called UKC to check. Sure enough, I’d forgotten one of her successful days, one of the rare occurrences when she didn’t roll over onto her back while harnessed and in the chute, wagging her tail and asking for a belly rub instead of being asked to pull heavy things.Miracles can happen.

UWP Ch. PR Rain Mountain Mahako Dave of Bear Creek -- (co owned with JoAnn Filce) Dave is the apple of JoAnn’s eye. She wanted to get involved with dog sledding but her two elderly Irish Water Spaniels didn’t want to pull sleds.

UWP Grand Ch. PR Rain Mountain Potlatch Kodiak -- (co owned with Scott Hussey) Kodi had the advantage of both his owners. Whenever Scott couldn’t take him to a show or weight pull, I’d pick him up myself since he was just as happy to work for me. He was accumulating points for his Weight Pull Champion title when he injured a foot and had to retire from active sports.

The work continues from one generation to the next, as Ch. PR Rain Mountain Tonasket Legacy CGC (Taga) is just one win away from his UWP title. I hope that some day I’ll be able to see a direct line of dual titled dogs in the Rain Mountain pedigrees going from Thunder to Taga and to his son, Grand Ch. PR Rain Mountain Skookum TumTum (Harry) and then beyond.

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Other Rain Mountain family members have earned NON UKC TITLES often in Herding instinct and capability tests. Remember the Chinook make-up includes German Shepherd and Belgian Shepherd genes so they come by this ability to herd naturally. Many of the dog with successful Herding tests include the following.

Ch. PR Mystic Sahalee Rain, CGC HCT (Holly) -– (bred by Linda Daniels) The foundation of Rain Mountain after a few false starts, Holly was the dog that could do it all – if she wanted to. It took her several tries to get her Canine Good Citizen title since she didn’t like the separation part of the test, which originally had the dog tied up away from everyone. Only later when the test was modified so that someone could hold her leash did she pass. She was the first Chinook to get an AHBA Herding Capability Tested certificate and was working on her next level. She was trained through her UCD and would perform flawlessly in matches but she always blew the actual trials. Obedience wasn’t her strong point nor was it mine.

Ch. PR Rain Mountain Leschi HCT -– (owned by Kurt Dally) Leschi was the spitting image of her dam, Holly in all but color. Like Holly she was excellent at both herding and sledding but not fond of obedience.

Ch. PR Rain Mountain Jenna of Bear Creek HIC -- (owned by Rick Strle, leased back to Rain Mountain) Sweet Jenna came back to Rain Mountain to produce two wonderful litters that quickly catapulted her onto our list of Top Producing Dams, what with the high level of achievement of her offspring sired by WoodsRunner Rorik. While in the Northwest, she earned her Championship and a Herding Instinct Certification.

Ch. PR Frontier Rain Dancer McKenzie CGC -- (co bred with Susan Fletcher, Frontier Chinooks; co owned with and handled by Kay Lee Brown, BrownStone Chinooks) McKenzie has earned numerous agility titles since retiring from motherhood..

Ch. PR Frontier Rain Dancer Klickitat HIC -- (co bred with Susan Fletcher, Frontier Chinooks) I might be proudest of all of Klickitat. First she won her conformation Championship and then it was her Herding Instinct Certification. But when we decided that her genetics weren’t right for breeding, she went on to a career that most dogs will never achieve as a Service Dog for a woman with Multiple Sclerosis. Tat spent many years as a devoted companion and help-mate to Florence. After Florence passed away, Klickitat retired to spend the rest of her life with the family in recognition of her years of service.

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