Hurricane Cheechako, my first Chinook stud,
was the ultimate gentleman

This is simply an eclectic collection of articles, research studies, and websites that I find interesting and informative and hopefully you will as well.  Unless I state otherwise, you can presume that they are written by me.  In many of the cases, they are a series of links with words I wrote around them. They are presented here in no specific order. If there is something that you'd like more information on, feel free to ask and I'll do what I can to assemble what I can.

DON'T Buy A Chinook
:  You need to know both the good and bad about the breed before you make a decision if this is the right dog for you.

Service vs. Therapy vs. Emotional Support Dogs (with Kathleen Riley Daniels)

Everything you need to know about Spaying and/or Neutering your Chinook (and Living with an Intact Dog) Having your dog "fixed" doesn't solve all the behavioral issues you think it will. And though it CAN be done at an early age, is that really best for your Chinook? Plus, what's it like to live with an intact male or female?

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