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In New England
Rain Mountain Skookum Tumtum
The Central States
Hurricane Tonasket Rain
Here in the West
Rain Mountain Paxson Katmai
Atholl Hurricane Nakoda Rain
Moonsong Lukannon Rain
Frozen Semen
Hurricane Malibu Rain
Hurricane Elwa Taigi Rain
Hurricane Crispin's Soul
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Rain Mountain Stud Muffins

As I mentioned previously, rather than trying to own a dozen Chinooks myself, the dogs in my breeding program don't all live with me. After breeding for as many years as I have and placing over a hundred pups, I've established a few partnerships over the years.  So many of the dogs that are  integral members of the "Rain Mountain Breeding Team" live with friends. This way each has a family of its own and gets the amount of attention a Chinook wants. Kodi lives with my boss and good friend Scott and his wife Christie just a few blocks from our office and Taigi lives in northern Alberta with my friend Jeff.

Having the males spread out geographically is helpful when other breeders want to use them at stud. But most of the time these are dogs that I'll use myself with my own females. Each male is only used a couple of times, regardless of how wonderful he is. We don't want any one dog dominating our gene pool. Genetic diversity is very important to the Chinook breed due to our still-low breeding population. We may have a total breed population that is up over 1,000 now but the actual breeding population is what really counts when it comes to successful survival.   

I don't make my living selling Chinooks or from stud fees. Data networks yes. I don't know of any Chinook breeder who makes a living from their dogs. All of us are hobby breeders raising puppies in our homes simply because we love the breed and enjoy raising puppies. For more information on the subject of breeding in general refer to the section on Getting Your Chinook & Our Breeding Program.

Unless otherwise noted, contact me, Ginger Corley of Rain Mountain for information on using any of these males at stud. The custodial owners do not make any breeding arrangements unless specifically noted. (Most of them like to ignore this part of their dogs life and simply concentrate on him as their pet.)

For folks who are interested in more detail on how the stud dog process works or who are just getting started as breeders themselves, I did a series for a publication back in 2002 on the responsibilities of the stud owner when planning a breeding. That article, Studley Do-Right Does His Paperwork, is available for download.  It includes a Preliminary Information for Stud Service list of questions to ensure that the stud owner has done his or her due dilligence in collecting all the necessary data to make a good decision as to if a specific breeding is a good or bad idea.  Also included is a sample of the Stud Contract that we use at Rain Mountain. These documents are provided as 'shareware' with the intent that you are free to use them yourself as long as you give credit to Ginger Corley of Rain Mountain if you use them verbatim (I'm sure you will want to modify them since I doubt that your kennel name is Rain Mountain) and that you do not hold the author legally responsible in any way, shape, or form since she is a data geek and computer nerd, not an attorney. They were reviewed by an attorney many years ago but that doesn't mean they will protect you legally; your situation may differ.

Download Stud Info Package

You should also download the above package if you're interested in using any of the dogs below at stud with one of your females.  It will give you an idea of the type of contract I will want to use, the information I'll want about your female, and in general how the process will

In New England

NBOB Grand Ch. PR Rain Mountain Skookum TumTum usually known as Harry, lives with Ed Bigos in Massachusetts and is co owned by Rain Mountain. Harry is a big guy at 26” tall and about 85 or more pounds. Despite Harry's light coloring, he is the result of two tawny parents (by Ch. PR Rain Mountain Tonasket Legacy CGC out of Ch. PR BrownStone Lolo Kumtux of Rain CGC) and you would have to go back an additional four generations to his great-great grand sire, North Wind Riki of Bear Creek (a world champion weight puller) before you find any other light colored Chinooks. He won Best Male at the 2008 Chinook National Specialty and in 2012 went all the way, earning the official title of National Best of Breed, which is noted as "NBOB" before his name. (Click here or on Harry's name above to see his pedigree.)

Left: Harry wins Best Male at the 2008 Chinook National Specialty, carrying on a long family tradition of National Specialty wins. Above, his blocky head is one of his best qualities.

Central States

Hurricane Tonasket Rain -- "Minnow" continues the legacy of the joint 2003 Hurricane - Rain Litter of Joyce Maley's elegant Hurricane Electra and the burly and traditional Rain Mountain Tonasket Thunder. That 2003 litter produced such wonderful dogs as Malibu, Cheyenne, Katsuk, and Mercury. In 2008 Joyce again took my suggestion and bred Mercury, the dog she'd kept, to her Rivertrail Seneca, son of another notable dog, Thunder Paws Taz of Boreayl. Minnow is from that litter. He was supposed to come to me and I did want him. But I was in the middle of building the house I'm in now and in the meantime, I was camped out in an apartment and boarding my dogs in my friend Colleen's kennel (www.aocb.com), rotating which two were with me in my temporary apartment. My new pup was ready to go but I had no place for him.

Luckily Kathleen Daniels (Outlaw Chinooks) was a good halfway point between South Carolina and Seattle. Kathleen and I already co owned two Chinooks together, Bailey, a mature female from a Springcreek litter also sired by Thunder, and "Beej" (originally BG for Baby Girl), from the 2006 Big Dog Litter. I knew Kathleen had a soft spot for males and most of the time I'd known her she'd had all males; having females was actually new for her. So it didn't take much to talk her into temporarily babysitting the new baby.

But what I didn't count on was Kathleen's husband Dave falling in love with the pup and not understanding the whole "foster until I was moved in" plan. Next thing I knew the pup was being called Minnow and was NOT leaving Minnesota unless Dave and Kathleen left with him.

There is no denying that this is the face of a very happy and contented Chinook.
Minnow's health tests will be done soon, now that he's old enough. He has turned into a handsome and sweet young male that has learned to respect older female canines. He has also learned angst and suffering when those females are in season. Stay tuned for more information as his health tests are completed.  (Click here or on Minnow's name above to see his pedigree.)

Here in the West

Rain Mountain Paxson of Katmai -- Sired by Rain Mountain Potlatch Kodiak from his litter with our Boreayl's Salishan of Rain, Pax is growing up to be "a lot of dog" according to his trainers. But sharing a home with his sire keeps him humble. At his first show ever, Pax won Best Puppy at the Chinook Club of America National Specialty. Not a bad start for a young guy. Of course we couldn't convince him to stand still later when it was time for photos. Making him sit was the only alternative to full flight once he heard the photographer's squeak toys.

As good as both Pax's parents are, I can honestly say that Pax is exactly what our goal is when we breed two purebred dogs to each other -- he better meets the Chinook standard than either of his parents. That's what I strive for -- improvement in each generation. (Click here to see Paxson's and his father Kodi's pedigree.)

Atholl Hurricane Nakoda Rain was given to me as a pup by Joyce Maley of Hurricane Chinooks just before I found out that her cancer had returned. In fact, her giving him and his littermate to me outright was a clue that something was not quite right, as normally Joyce would have wanted to be listed as a co-owner, especially since their dam's bloodline is a rare one for the first couple generations.

Kody Joe stayed with me for a few weeks until I met the Blanchett family. Wyatt is in the Army while Charlotte has her hands full with then-baby Maddie and two-year-old Chloe (remember this was the summer of 2011; the girls are growing like string beans!). I liked both Charlotte and Wyatt right off the bat; I was impressed that Charlotte was married to a husband who was being sent all over the world at the drop of a hat while raising two little girls and was still looking forward to taking on a puppy. She not only did so cheerfully but sent me frequent photos as he grew.

Kody has turned into a handsome young Chinook stud muffin, as you can see. He's a gorgeous silver tawny with silver gray markings and his tawny body coat has a grayish cast to it. (This color is perfectly acceptable under both the UKC and AKC standard; it's simply a dilute of our regular tawny with black markings.) I'm waiting to get the results back on his OFA hip rating now; his x-ray looked like the text book example of what perfect hips should look like. His eye exam was Normal.

During July of 2013 Kody Joe stayed with me while the Blanchett family was in the process of moving from a base here in Washington State (both Charlotte and Wyatt are natives of the Northwest, just as I am) to Fort Irwin in the southern California desert. It's given me the chance to hang out with Kody Joe and get to know him all over again. We have one breeding planned for February of 2014 and he is available for stud over the near future. Contact me if you're interested in using him and we can discuss the specifics to determine if he would be the best match for your female. (His brother Bentley is being neutered.) (Click here to see Kody's pedigree.)

Atholl Hurricane Nakoda Rain
Above, Kody shows off his efficient gait.
Below, resting for a moment in the shade, you can see his deep chest and thick tail brushings.

Above, Kody has a very nice broad back skull and correct muzzle length with the correct blunt end.
Below, like his brother, Kody has the correct Chinook proportions.

Moonsong Lukkannon Rain, aka "Homer" -- Laid back is an understatement when talking about Homer. He is a big Chinook with wonderful bone and a gorgeous glossy black and tan coat. Living with Chris Garner and his dad Brad Garner, Homer has done several back country packing trips with Chris. His temperament is very mellow, be it with other intact males such as Brad's other Chinook or his Lab or when visiting here at the Rain Mountain Slug Ranch, those he meets in the course of Chris' job as a trainer and behaviorist at the Academy of Canine Behavior, or with small dogs such as Chris' sister's Yorkie, Samantha.(Click here or on Homer's name above to see his pedigree.)

Above right, Homer has the typical Chinook tongue, ready for licking.

Left, for those of you who have met his uncle Taga, you can see that Homer is definitely a large Chinook.
paw print

Frozen Semen

Hurricane Malibu Rain -- Born May 2003, OFA Good, CERF Normal, 80+ pounds, 25 1/2", silver tawny; available via frozen semen only. More information to come.

Hurricane Elwa Taigi Rain -- Riley -- Born November 2002, OFA Good, CERF Normal, 60 pounds, 24", tawny with cream markings; available via frozen semen only. Taigi has a rare pedigree that is unique in our breeding population in that he is free of Winterset Dawson and carries the genes of Winterset Coco, a dog that was only rarely bred, and his offspring even more so. His diversity is important to our breed. He lives in Alberta (Edmonton) with custodial owner is Jeff Plantinga and is co owned by Rain Mountain.

Hurricane Crispin's Soul -- Since the death of Joyce Maley, some of us here in the Northwest have taken on the stewardship of some of her frozen semen, including that of Hurricane Crispin's Soul. I was able to meet Crispin as a pup and was the one to do one of the conformation evaluations on his litter. He was an outstanding pup and I was pleased to see him go into a home that truly valued him.

Hurricane Crispin's Soul
NBOB Grand Ch. Hurricane Janacek x Hurricane Ryker
(Photos courtesy of GreatMountain Chinooks)

Ch. Starfire Orion -- As a favor to his owner, I offered to put up information on Starfire Orion here on the Rain Mountain website and do some preliminary screening of interested parties, though I have absolutely no ownership interest in Orion at all. Because they live in northern Alberta, northwest of Edmonton, he's available at stud via frozen semen simply to make logistics easier. Orion is a wonderful dog and many people were able to meet him in person at the 2012 Western Chinook Picnic here at the Rain Mountain Slug Ranch (a good reason you should attend our next picnic!).

Orion spends much of his spare time exploring with his owner, Colin Taylor, and pack mate, Laughing Mountain Alsea (shown below right, tho mostly hidden behind Orion).

Up & Coming Youngsters

The following dogs are still too young to have had their health tests completed but our hopes are high that they will someday soon be among the Stud Muffins above.

Rain Mountain Yori of Katmai (call name of "Fischer") -- Littermate to Paxson, Fischer is growing up a happy pup in the Clark family of southern Washington State. Fischer gets to spend part of each year in Alaska fishing with his family, hence his name. He now has a baby sister Chinook in the family so he obviously is doing his job in getting the Clarks hooked on Chinooks.

Rain Mountain Swinomish Mowich is from the 2013 "100 Acre Wood" Litter and we're still waiting to get the DNA results back telling us exactly who his sire is. (This was a dual sire breeding.) He's a littermate to our Castiel and is almost her identical twin. Mowich lives just a few miles north of Rain Mountain, in the rural area south of Bellingham, a college town in northwestern Washington State. In Chinook Jargon, "mowich" means deer and as a pup he definitely looked like a deer with his big brown eyes and long, lithe legs. It will be fun to see how well it fits him as he matures. Swinomish is the local Native American tribe of this area.

Rain Mountain Muckleshoot Song (call name "Shooter"), littermate of Mowich,is Carie Taylor's pick of the litter as her stud fee for the 100 Acre Wood Litter. A big boy, Shooter is a happy frisbee dog who loves to run through the woods here at the Slug Ranch. For more information on Shooter, contact Carie Taylor at chinookrun@hotmail.com

Rain Mountain Tavi Ranger 

Rain Mountain Washougal Dreams (call name "Alkai")

Rain Mountain Wahkiakum Hero (call name "Tucker")

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