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Dams of the Past

By reviewing the sires and dams of Rain Mountain over the years, I can put into perspective the achievements we've made in our breeding program, the great leaps and the tiny inches that each litter moved us forward in both regenerating the past type of the Chinook breed and, at least initially, simply increasing the sheer numbers of our population. As I've mentioned, when I got my first Chinook, Northdown Skykomish in the summer of 1988, there were only about a hundred Chinooks alive.

In those early days, it was presumed that if you ever wanted to have another Chinook or even two more Chinooks, you had better plan on breeding your own. This was a radical change from the days of Perry greene when no intact females were sold.

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Retired With Respect

UWP Grand Ch. PR Rain Mountain Potlatch Kodiak, aka Kodi -- From the highly successful Rain Mountain Rental Litter of WoodsRunner Rorik x Rain Mountain Jenna of Bear Creek, Kodi is a gorgeous silver tawny male with a thick, truly luscious coat and the wonderful head that these litters are known for. Born November of 2002, he is OFA Good and was CERF Normal over multiple exams. Today he's about 65 pounds (he was heavier while he was competing in weight pulls and sledding, usually 70 pounds), and 24" at the shoulder. He earned his weight pull title easily and was working on champion points before he was side-lined by a chronic foot injury.  He was also a skilled team dog in harness before his retirement from breeding in 2011 to focus on raising his son Paxson.

Kodi is probably best known for his personality. He is one of the most easy going intact males to ever exist in any breed. He is the consummate negotiator. When encountering an aggressive male at the dog park, he instinctively knows how to diffuse the situation and start a game going instead of a fight. He loves every dog and human he meets. He's also quick to learn, with a wide repetoire of tricks. As of this writing, though he's getting older, Kodi continues to learn new tricks, thanks to Scott and Christie, his patient owners.

Grand River Kaibab -- Born June 2009. After the untimely death of my close friend -- and friend to the whole Chinook breed -- Joyce Maley, I was one of the people who was responsible for finding homes for her dogs. Kaibab was her pick male from a breeding she did of Hurricane Nankoweap, whom she leased back from Grand River Chinooks, and Hickory Hills Rastro, the son of Rain Mountain Sebecca. So, since Kaibab was in essence my "great grand pup" I had him flown out west. First, he needed to learn how to live in a house again after spending over a year living in the kennels at Joyce's while she was sick and after her death. All those months without much human companionship had made him a bit shy though he started warming up the first day he was here. Second, there were several females here in the West that would be good males for him, what with his unique genes not otherwise available here.

Kai has the correct proportion and movement of his Hurricane ancestors while still retaining the beautiful head of his sire Rastro and his Rain Mountain and WoodsRunner side of the family. We hope to see him excel in harness. In the fall of 2013 he was bred to our Rain Mountain Quilceda Song (Emma) and together they produced the Cosmic Litter of four gorgeous pups. Kai was a solicitous father, waking me in the night every time he heard a pup whimper. He was neutered after this one breeding.

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