Ch. Hurricane Malibu Rain

Malibu was one of those always happy dogs

Call Name:
Malibu (after the camp on the British Columbia coast, not the California Malibu)
Birthdate May 16, 2003
Sire: UWP Grand Ch Rain Mountain Tonasket Thunder CGC HCT
Dam: Grand Ch Hurricane Electra
Breeder: Joyce Maley, Hurricane Chinooks &
Ginger Corley, Rain Mountain Chinooks
Height at Shoulder
Weight: 80 pounds
OFA Hips
OFA Prelim Good
Eyes Normal, Clear
Owned by:
Carla Theime and Ginger Corley, Rain Mountain Chinooks

Malibu was the running buddy of Carla Theime, the family pet of the whole Theime family, and the living teddy bear of the Tehime girls as they navigated their teen years. to me, he was the son of my heart dog, Thunder and a fun dog to show. If I could have kept all the dogs I wanted, he would have stayed with me rather than go to Carla but at the time i was living in suburbia and had just gained a nasty neighbor whose chief hobby seemed to be peeking over the fence to spy on me and file complaints with any county bureau who would listen to him (all were found to be baseless thank goodness).

The compromise turned out to be me showing Malibu to his championship and then having him sire a litter with Frontier Rain Dancer mcKenzie, whom I co-owned with Kay Lee Brown. The result of that breeding was my sweet Lolo, one of the most gorgeous Chinook bitches I ever had the  pleasure to know. The sole male from that litter, rodion, lived with Pam and tim Wilmot until he was tragically killed in a house fire when he was just four years old. Luckily he had sired one litter for his co-owner, Susan Fletcher of Frontier Chinooks, before he died so his genes were not lost. Like his sister Rodion was a magnificent big Chinook with a traditional build. But back to Malibu. I was able to freeze semen from malibu before he was neutered so he is still available for breeding though he passed away in March of 2013. Please email for info on using Malibu at stud.

Malibu at a year old

Lying in the grass, humming a song

Showing off his runners' build

My favorite photo of Malibu. He wasn't
shy about expressing his feelings.

Finishing his Championship by going Best of Winners at the UKC Washington Classic in 2004

Hanging out at home on Mercer Island with the Theime kitty in 2016.

Malibu made a lasting dent in the hearts of the Theime family and they are hoping to add another Chinook to their family later this year. I know that I would welcome a Chinook like him -- personality, looks, or both -- at any time. He's one of those dogs that doesn't come along often.

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