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For the first fifteen years after I was out of college, I worked as a writer in the high tech industry, penning such exciting pieces as, "The Parallel Development of Voltmeters and Calibration Instrumentation from World War II to Present".  I found that it was far more fun to write about dogs, hence my time as eidtor of the award winning Chinook Quarterly and later as the dog breeding columnist for a local canine-oriented newspaper.  Once I learned how to put together websites, I was in heaven with my own platform for all things Chinook.

Welcome to Rain Mountain
Who we are and what we're trying to do. Also links to the latest news, a site map, and a guide to a gallery of photos and odds and ends of Chinook information.
What's a Chinook
A very small amount of history, daily life with a houseful of Chinooks, a few breed quirks, and reasons NOT to buy a Chinook.
Meet the Family
The dogs I live with today, those that came before them, our extended family, both here locally and across the US and Canada.
Getting Your Chinook
Go to this section for information on getting a Rain Mountain pup and when we think we'll have them available next.  (We breed litters only once every year or so and the best time to secure a pup is before it's born.) If you're interested, you can also learn just what is the ideal Chinook and how do we decide which dogs will go on to be bred?  The role of dog shows and working ability in making breeding decisions and the role of genetic diversity.  
Chinook Health
EVERY DOG has at least some genetic disorders in it's make up, both purebred and mutt.  Chinooks are a basically healthy breed but they are no exception and have a few health issues as well.  Here you can learn about Chinook hips, eyes, and the various genetic disorders that have been found in the breed.  There is also a detailed discussion of the health guarantee on every Rain Mountain puppy.
For More Information
Articles and interesting items, Chinook clubs, other Chinook kennels that I'm well acquainted with, further reading on the breed, and how to get ahold of me.  

Photo Gallery & Special Topics Guide

Hopefully the following will help you find your way to some of the special sections of the Rain Mountain website, things such as litter pages that are prominant while the pups are growing up then fade as they all leave for new homes, or collections of photos from specific events, such as the annual picnic we have here every year.

This page will change frequently as new pages are added and others become outdated. I've sworn to myself that I will keep the website better organized this time around than I did in the past. In fact, part of the reason for moving it was to force myself to get it organized. Check back often to see what's new.  In the meantime, here's what tidbits we have so far.

Photo Galleries & Documents Special Topics & Links

Northwest Chinook Picnics -- Every year on the 2nd Saturday in August we have a picnic here for all the Chinooks in the West. A good time is had by all.
Chinook Health Database -- Originally started up by Joyce Maley, this contains owner-supplied health information on most all Chinooks being used for breeding today. You can research dogs in your Chinook's pedigree or potential mates you are considering.

Libbye Miller, DVM speaks out on the fallacy that mixed breeds are more healthy than purebred dogs.

Don't Buy a Chinook -- I play devil's advocate & reveal some deep dark secrets.

What Does the Public Think of the Humane Society In of my pet crusades is proving that the Humane Society of the US is NOT what they make themselves out to be in their ads. This video is one of the best and most direct pieces, along with the two pieces linked below, drawing the curtain away from this group of mistaken do-gooders.

Virtual all Chinook breeders use a similar Prospective Owner Questionnaire and this is the Rain Mountain version. Fill this out and return it to Email the same address if you have any problems downloading it.

Sample Ownership Agreement -- This is the typical agreement that buyers will sign when they get a Rain Mountain pup. Each one is a bit different since each family and pup is different.

"And Now the Rest of the Story" About the Humane Society of the US --  Contrary to their ads on TV, the The HSUS does NOT support animal care or shelters. They are strictly a lobbying organization, something they neglect to mention. This article is quite eye opening.
"The Biggest Deception on Television" -- Even more information on the HSUS and how their advertising is so deceptive. People should support their local shelters directly rather than this purely political group.

History of Rain Mountain Litters -- From the very first litter in 1990 to the most recent litter just leaving the whelping box, our history is our puppies.
The 2009 Solstice Litter -- Lolo's 3 pups sired by Moonsong Mukilteo Bluejay.

Chinook Breeders Forum -- A website of material that supports the community of Chinook breeders active today and that recognizes the efforts of those who came before us.

The 2011 Serenity Litter -- Salishan's 7 pups sired by Frontier Brick Raferty.
The 2012 Zen Litter -- Salishan had a second litter before starting an extended vacation from motherhood.

Early Spay-Neuter Considerations for the Canine Athlete: One Veterinarian's Opinion; Extensively revised 2013. by Chris Zink DVM, PhD, DACVP, DACVSMR -- Is it really good for our pups if we spay/neuter them at eight weeks old ? 

The 100 Acre Wood Litter -- Lolo's last litter and a beautiful one at that. We did a dual sire breeding since we were using a young and unproven stud and I didn't want to miss this last chance with Lolo.
Spice o' Life Litter -- Salishan's 3rd and final litter born April 18th, 2013 consister of six girls and two boys. This surprised me as almost all my previous litters have had more boys than girls.

Neutering Dogs: Effects on Joint Disorders & Cancers in Golden Retrievers. This is a technical but excellent article on the higher incident of cancers and joint problems in a group of Goldens that were neutered or spayed either before 12 months old or after, including the supporting data.

Cosmic Litter -- Emma May, from the 2009 Solstice Litter, bred to our Kai. When Emma's owner's part time job went full time Emma came here to have her four pups.

Storm Litter -- The very correctly structured Hurricane Elizabeth in the Rain, from the very last ever litter of Hurricane Chinooks, bred to Peter, aka Moonsong Never Cry Wolf resulted in a single gorgeous boy pup we called Lightnin'.

AAHA Canine Vaccination Guidelines (2011) -- The latest recommendations on what and when to give your pup and adult dog in the way of preventative vaccinations for distemper, hepatitus, parvovirus, parainfluenza, and rabies.

Irish Revolutionary Litter -- Another litter from Elizabeth, this time sired by BrownStone Cascade Mt. Trask produced four big, happy pups.
  Canine Vaccines: The Best Current Thinking -- A great article by Jessica Tremayne-Farkas in Veterinary Practice News on the AAHA Vaccine Guidelines presented in the link above.

Rain Mountain Dual Titled Dogs -- I'm very proud of our dogs that are both beautiful and excel in performance sports.  I'm proud to be the breeder of more dual titled dogs than any other.

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