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Pedigree of the Spring Creek 2014 Litter

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On a sunny day during the summer of 2013 Kody Joe and Raksha were introduced and it was a wrestling match and game of keep-away at first site. In the world of dogs, that's as good as love. Both are handsome Chinooks. Raksha is from Moonsong, Frontier, and Rain Mountain bloodlines and Pam is hoping to breed one of her pups back to offspring from her previous 2002 Spring Creek litter. Kody Joe was born at Hurricane Chinooks in South Carolina and has bloodlines from both Rain Mountain and a Chinook bloodline that had been isolated for several generations. This made him a valuable potential sire for her to tap. Raksha sure seemed to approve. But Kody's family was moving to California after his owner had received a transfer to a new military base!

Playful Kody Joe's tail wags faster than the camera can capture
as his tongue darts out in an attempt to steal a kiss from Raksha on their first date.

Luck was on their side though. Both Kody's owners Char and Wyatt had families in the Seattle area and they were back for the Christmas holidays.  Of course they couldn't leave Kody at home so they arranged for him to stay with his playmate Raksha. And as luck would have it the timing was perfect. Nine weeks after Kody went back to California, Raksha had five pups, two boys and three girls, in an easy delivery. For the short term, she hung up her Service Dog harness to be a mom.

Raksha was quite polite and just like her mother Katsuk delivered all her pups in a single afternoon. No long overnight whelping for this girl, she's an efficient working mom who gets things done! Pam could see that despite her being a devoted mom right off the bat, she was torn at leaving her Service Dog duties behind. but Pam stayed by her side so Raksha was at peace and within a couple weeks the pups were old enough for her to start leaving them for breaks away from the whelping box.

Girls Katie, Lyric, and Sonnet and boys Alex and Beau are certainly growing up kid friendly what with the assortment of grandchildren Pam has, all of whom live in her neighborhood or at least visit weekly or more. Plus there are a number of neighborhood children who also visit on a near daily basis to play with the pups as well. (We've all been sending our pups to Pam for kid-socialization for years since she has so many of them in and around her house.) 

Stay tuned for more photos to be added but for now, here are the pups at three weeks and two days old:



Pam holds Beau in an attempt to get him
to stop wiggling long enough for a photo.


Raksha nurses the pups after their photo session.


Stay tuned, more Spring Creek puppy photos to come . . . .

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